Management Team

Don Edberg, Founding Chair

Don Edberg is the Director of the Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS), the America’s largest state mountain racing series. Don has been riding and racing mountain bikes since 1982 and was a competitive alpine ski racer before that. He has directed over 240 mountain bike races and has extensive experience with mountain bike trail development as a designer and builder. Actively involved in USA Cycling, Don is a licensed race director, coach, official and racer.  He has sat on the board of NORBA and USA Cycling and currently holds the UCI race director position on USA Cycling’s Mountain Bike Sport Committee.  Don coaches a local high school team and is very passionate about mountain biking. He believes firmly that  participation in the sport of mountain biking will enrich the lives of young riders and those that support them.

Kathy and Aaron Mock

Kathy Mock, Founding Chair

Kathy Mock graduated college with a Phys Ed degree only to find out her true passion was teaching lifelong fitness activities and motivating all ages to participate in them. She fulfilled that passion over the years running fitness and wellness programs as well as becoming a personal trainer. Kathy discovered mountain biking while working for Trek Bikes in the late 80′s and has been riding ever since. The Wisconsin High School Cycling League allows her to focus on her passion….Getting more children and adults on bikes which will lead to fun, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Core Staff


Dave Karlovich

Adventure Coordinator

Brian Heifner


Assistant Announcer
Don Edberg Rick Haas
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Chief of Course Marshals

Zach Covell Lance David Kerry Gonzalez
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Chief of Course Setters

Roy Bailey John Jaeger Glen Stroik
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Chief of Timing

Andy Allstadt

Coach Supporters

Mike McGarry Dave Bender Josh Shively Sydney Shimko Angela Brooks
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Director of Race Day Operations

Eric Statz Rick Dwyer
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GRiT Program Director

Sydney Shimko

League Co-Directors

Kathy Mock Don Edberg
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Loaner Bike Manager

John Bussey

Merchandise Manager

Cheryl Mortvedt

New Team Development

Parking & Camping Manager

Andy Faust Greg Pullman
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Anthony James Mark Kern
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Pitzone Manager

Kathy Mock

Race Director

Don Edberg

Race Weekend Pitzone Set Up

Don Ryan Carrie Ryan
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Raffle Program/Sponsorship/Donations Director

Amanda Schulze

Registration Manager

Tracy Romzek

Rover Manager

Angela Brooks

Rules Manager/Social Media Manager

Matt Keon

Staging Manager

Wade Flisram

Teen Trail Corp Director

Mike Seiler

Venue & Course Selection

Don Edberg Dave Bender
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Volunteer Coordinator

Brian Burns Jennifer Galstad
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Team Director Supporter

Bob Hubanks

Web Administrator

Melissa Roglitz-Walker