In the Spotlight – January

During the off-season (Dec. – April), teams and/or volunteers will be chosen each month to share their 2014 highlights and 2015 goals.


Volunteer Spotlight


January 2015

Volunteers: Rick and Tanya Dwyer

Q:  Team Affiliation:  CamRock Composite

Q:  Volunteer Role:

  • Rick: Director of Operations
  • Tanya: Director of Registration

Q:  Volunteer at Every Race: Yes!

Q:  Favorite Race Venue:

  • Rick: Waukesha
  • Tanya: Cascade

Q: Best Part of Being a Volunteer:

  • Rick: Helping kids learn the life long love of cycling and the benefits it has. Also, learning how to work hard to accomplish goals they have set for themselves.

  • Tanya: Seeing all of the kids having a great time together.

Q: Most Favorite Moment:

  • Rick: Easy. Anytime a kid was smiling and having fun. As far as competition, it was the JV girls finish at Cascade (really the whole race), but the finish was awesome for spectators and riders.

  • Tanya: The last JV girls race at Cascade. The finish was absolutely amazing. First and second place were a half second apart at the finish. the energy was amazing.

Q: Back for the 2015 Season?

  • Rick: Yes!

  • Tanya: Of course!


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