Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling Association (WIN) was founded in 2013. WIN laid the groundwork for high school mountain biking in Wisconsin with an inaugural state championship race. The Wisconsin State Mountain Bike Championship, held in 2013, consisted of 4 different categories and the event was tagged a success with 60 participants and 6 teams.

In late 2013, WIN became an affiliate NICA league and was renamed the Wisconsin High School Cycling League (WI League) with the first race season in the fall of 2014. Since that first year, the WI League has exploded to over 1,000 student athletes and 500 coaches.

The WI League serves all Wisconsin high school- and middle school-aged students, regardless of ability level. The League is committed to providing a positive co-ed cycling experience. Each WI League season includes summer clinics, a fall race series, wilderness first aid certification courses and a Spring Leaders’ Summit for training and certification of coaches.

WI League is committed to ensuring students and coaches learn and practice safe riding practices. To ensure students are able to develop their skills and be placed in an appropriate level for their racing experience, the WI League offers middle school- and high school-aged teams.

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